Coppola Keratin

340414-prod_logo_coppolaKeratin is the ultimate treatment to make hair frizz-free, silky smooth and manageable. Eclips McLean offers Keratin Conditioning, Keratin Blowout, and the Coppola Blowout.

Keratin is a protein that already exists in our hair. When hair follicles are damaged, Keratin stores are depleted leaving you with split ends, dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair. This can be from the sun, heat from styling tools and everyday wear-and-tear. Replenishing lost keratin helps to correct porosity and smooth the hair’s surface. It restores strength and elasticity, giving the hair a more youthful, healthy appearance.

During your Keratin Coppola treatments, Keratin is bound to your hair and helps prevent humidity from penetrating follicles and locking out unwanted frizz. It also helps in hair coloring processes to make hair smoother and healthier while aiding in locking the color in.